Typical ICO Timing

Timing your ICO just right

The minimum recommended amount of time to prepare for an ICO is at least 2 months. Sometimes, the longer the better. However, that depends on your short term and long term goal for the ICO you are running.

Please see the stages below to see what goes on during a standard ICO timeline.

  1. time-line
    Stage 1

    At this beginning stage, the client would have to have already planned out the criterias of the project and the expected goal of the ICO. A draft of the whitepaper or the lightpaper should be planned at this stage.

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    Stage 2
    Preparing the WhitePaper

    At this stage, the drafting of the Whitepaper and the Lightpaper should have already begun. This is critical as it is to determine the direction of the project from this stage onwards.

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    Stage 3
    Planning the execution of the ICO

    At this time, a general direction of where is the ICO heading to should be somewhat clear and the planning of the promotion can take place. Items that should be prepared in this section are;
    - Branding Effort
    - Social Media
    - Distribution Strategies
    - Community Development

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    Stage 4
    Smart Contract Coding

    Smart Contracts can be designed to be very straight forward with only 1 or 2 functions or it can be designed in a more complex manner where it can perform everything for you from crowdsale collection all the way to token issuance without you lifting a finger. As this process takes quite a lengthy period of time (depending on your requirements), it needs to be worked on concurrently as Stage 3.

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    Stage 5
    Website and Infrastructure

    Preparation and designing of the ICO website and/or product website should begin at this stage. As these websites need to be accompanied with other infrastructure such as email servers, cloud hosting, firewall, and misc, this needs to take place rather early.

  6. time-line
    Stage 6
    Github Repository

    Once the Smart Contract has been finalized, the contract specification needs to be uploaded to the Github repository to be reviewed by the public to ensure the codes in the contract functions like it was designed to. At this stage, the final revision of the Whitepaper should be finalized.

  7. time-line
    Stage 7
    Launch Websites

    At this stage, the official ICO website along with the product website needs to be launched to the public web. White it is rather early, it allows the selected few to review the content and prepare for other promotional efforts that is to take place prior to the ICO. This also allows the team to review the security parameters prior to official ICO date.

  8. time-line
    Stage 8
    Media Kit

    Send out press releases to the media and attend roadshows to showcase your project or product. As an alternative to roadshows, most companies have opted for Live Streaming instead. This is a good way to connect to the mass audience and address any questions the public may have.

  9. time-line
    Stage 9
    Launch of Pre-ICO and ICO

    Once sufficient time has passed for the marketing and promotion stage, it is now time to launch the Pre-ICO and ICO. Advertising and marketing during this period is crucial for you to achieve the targetted crowdsale.

  10. time-line
    Stage 10
    Settlement of ICO

    Once the ICO has concluded, the settlement would have to assume the role of sending out the tokens to the respective ICO buyers.