Our Mission

Democratising Crypto Mining

It is our view that coin mining shouldn't be bounded by the hashing power alone. Virtue is currently working on a ground breaking network protocol whereby miners will be chosen at random within the transaction power band, allowing any miners to participate in the mining activities regardless of the hashing power that they possess.

Stable Crypto Currency

In order to bridge the gap between real world economics and the Crypto world, a stable Crypto currency is needed. Extensive research & consultations with experts are now being conducted at Virtue to study the viability of such Crypto currency with target launch date in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Cryptocurrency backed by real and verifiable economic activities

At Virtue we believe cryptocurrency backed by real assets & economics is the ideal way to provide stability in the crptocurrency markets. Real economic activities and the expected future cash flows generated from these activities will provide a proper base for valuation of a cryptocurrency hence ensuring a measure of price stability of the cryptocurrency.