ICO Planning

Success factors in planning an ICO

There are multiple factors that contributes to a successful ICO. In our line of work, these are the top 4 priorities that makes a great ICO a breeze.

Overall Items %
Branding Effort %
Social Media %
Distribution Strategies %
Community Development %

Media and Communication Channels

Careful planning and release of ‘soundbytes’ in the social media to time it with crucial milestones in the pre-ICO, ICO and post ICO periods.

PR Media Package

Press Release, Post-Event Releases, Media Publication, Speeches on TV or radio, PR events


Social Media Channels

Coin listing websites, ICO Reviews, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, Naver, YouTube, Steemit, Medium


Distribution Strategies

Telegram Channels, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Medium, Facebook Groups, Steemit, CoinTelegraph


Community Development

Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kakao, Facebook Airdrops, Bounty Groups, Yandex, Weibo, Naver