Virtue Exchange (VXE)


Virtue Exchange

Virtue Exchange is crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platfom. The system was built for the Ethereum-based crypto currencies and altcoin. It is a decentralized exchange powered by Ethereum Smart Contract.

Here are the features of VXE:

Future upgrades of VXE

VXE will be undergoing a major upgrade to support storing and trading with other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and Dash (DASH).
Below are the core benefits of the upgrade:


Enhanced Security

Multiple layers of security prevent any hacking attempts and ensure that your funds always remain safe.
1) The first layer is established through utilizing multiple separated servers. VXE automatically includes a wallet where all funds will be stored. The exchange software and wallet operate on separated servers which saveguards the wallet against any outside attacks.
2) Second, XVE embeds our own patent-pending “encrypted user access” which further protects the wallet from being hacked.
3) Third, VXE includes standard Two Factor Authentications like E-Mail Authentication and Google Authenticator which additionally protect the users login from being compromised.


Uptime Guarantee

Our exchange platform ensures 99.9% uptime. Several pillars implemented into VXE enable such uptime performance:
1) DNS failover and fast failover
2) Geo IP routing and
3) A distributed server architecture. In case of a server outage, the failover time is 180 seconds (depending on DNS TTL). Geo IP routing provides super fast access for world wide customers by routing traffic according to their geo position.
The distributed server architecture with clustered persistence and multiple server locations allows for outage free back-end services in worst case scenarios, release changes without downtime and the highest possible availability.


Funds Management

All cryptocurrency funds will be automatically managed by our integrated wallet software. Depositing any amount of fiat funds such as Euro or US Dollars, can be accepted. However, this option is dependant on KYC/AML processes.


Full Order Book

A full order book provides the necessary liquidity to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with tight spreads. VXE provides several liquidity options to choose from which ensures a full order book from the very first day your exchange experience.